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Mon, 10/17/2016 - 15:23
 summer 2017

merle & sheppard are currently working with Oxford University Press and doing Placement Test pretesting with some of our language learners.

Being able to communicate in a second language, especially in English, is essential in a globalized world. Not only do learners want to know what language level they have, but the Human Resources department and managers also need to know how best to develop their staff.

And, of course merle & sheppard want to put students in the right groups for optimum language training. Online tests have the benefit of being a fast and efficient way of gaining insight into a learner’s language level in certain areas.

The Oxford Online Placement Test uses the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to evaluate large groups of learners quickly and reliably. This test not only evaluates grammar and vocabulary, but it also analyses how learners use this knowledge to understand what is being communicated. Understanding meaning is essential when communicating so this is a great way to identify the language ability level of a learner.

To develop a test that accurately evaluates a learner’s language ability requires research and validation. Hence the data used in pretesting research is used to calibrate and refine the online tests. Our learners can decide whether they want to do all five tests (listening, reading, writing, use of English & listening and speaking) or if they just want to get feedback on one of these areas.

Feel free to volunteer for this pretesting research – and get detailed feedback on your language ability.

If you are interested contact:

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