Business Language Courses

To do your job better you often need a second language. In-house training is ideal because your trainer can support you in your working environment.

Business language courses include:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations & speeches
  • Small talk and visitor care
  • Telephoning
  • Written correspondence (emails, reports, contracts, guidelines etc.)
  • Negotiations

Business courses can focus on your individual or group needs. Each module can cover different topics depending on work-related goals.


Trainers:  Highly qualified trainers design your learning path based on your exact requirements.
Training:  Individual or group training based on modules.
Duration:  Regular weekly training or more frequent lessons depending on your goals. Modules of 10×90 minutes or longer.
Intensity:  Lessons daily or weekly as desired.
CEF Level:  From beginner with no knowledge to very advanced near-native-speaker levels.
Learning objectives:  A wide range of levels and topics for general business.
Learning path:  Based on an analysis of current level and plan to reach desired language level.
Location:  In your organization or off-site.


This form of training is a perfect opportunity to learn consistently and effectively. Short distances to the classroom make the most of your time. You can integrate your own work or material directly into the training to maximize learning transfer.

Business Language Courses

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