Language Courses Abroad

Learning a language in a different country is an exciting opportunity not only to speak with the locals, but to understand their culture and behaviour, too. This kind of learning experience brings the language to life and gives you a better feeling when using your new skills on the job. Our selected partners, located in different countries, have the right environment and the expertise to make your learning effective. And, we can seamlessly integrate your learning with follow-up training back home.

Immersive language learning balances both formal and social learning from early morning until late evening. Language Training is closely tailored to your specific job or organizational contexts. During breaks and meals you interact with native speakers developing confidence while chatting. The mixture of formal and social activities minimizes fatigue and maximizes motivation whilst ensuring you are getting the most out of your immersion experience.

If you are a global professional merle & sheppard will help you to select the best learning experience. Just contact us!

Key facts:

  • Training:  Tailored for global professionals to become better international communicators
  • Locations:  Europe, the UK, New Zealand
  • Accommodation:  Family, on-site, hotel, or your choice
  • Activities:  Special events e.g. sightseeing, pub visit, concert, shopping, museums, golf etc.


This training is an opportunity to learn intensively, without distractions and to rapidly improve.

Language Courses Abroad

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