Intensive Business Language Courses

Intensive business language courses are ideal for employees with limited time who need to rapidly acquire new language skills for special assignments. Flexible workshops of half a day or a full day can help you to perform your tasks in the target language faster and more professionally. More intensive workshops can be spread over one or two weeks or an extended weekend. They only deal with the topics and business skills you or your team needs.

Courses focus on:

  • Beginning to learn a new language
  • Refreshing language skills and moving up a level
  • General business skills – presentations, speeches, meetings, negotiations, telephoning, emailing, etc.
  • Industry or specialist courses – banking & finance, automotive, legal, engineering & manufacturing, life sciences, e-commerce, retail, direct selling, insurance, chemical, mining – executives & management, purchasing & procurement, supply chain & logistics, legal, tax, patents, human resources, IT, corporate communications, marketing & sales, facility management, accounting & bookkeeping, finance & controlling, research & development etc.
  • Very specific task-related courses – recruiting employees, marketing projects, FMEA meetings & documentation, writing auditing reports etc.


Trainers:  Highly qualified trainer teams who understand your specialist areas and design your learning path based on your exact requirements.
Training:  Individual or group training.
Duration:  Half or one-day workshops, one or two weeks or weekends, or mornings over two weeks — flexibly tailored to your needs.
CEF Level:  Beginners to advanced levels.
Learning objectives:  Agreed on with learners and key partners.
Learning path:  Based on an analysis of current level and the route needed to achieve your desired language competence.
Location:  In your organization or off-site.


Intensive courses offer faster progress in a shorter period. There are fewer distractions with more focused learning. They can be flexibly scheduled around your regular work. Teamwork and peer group learning is enhanced. Intensive language immersion maximizes learning transfer and progress.

Intensive business language courses give learners a feeling of satisfaction by being able to learn rapidly and communicate better.

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