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Consistent terminology is an essential component contributing to an organization’s uniqueness, but it can also apply to the branding of a product, or simply help determine meaning in a specific context.

Why is it necessary to manage terminology?

We understand that branch or company-specific terms like product names, department names, abbreviations, etc., have to support clear and precise communication. When specific terms and phrases are translated it makes sense to always use the same words or phrases to improve translation quality — thus avoiding confusion. To do this, terminology must be managed.

Extra information such as definition, context and source have to be determined, approved and a glossary created. Words can be white-listed (preferred word) or black-listed (not allowed to be used) to maintain high quality, and can be accompanied by specific images.

We can actively support the multilingual localization process which not only improves the translation, but also ensures consistency of terminology used by both internal and external language user groups.

Constant and consistent use of key vocabulary increases brand awareness and product recognition — for your benefit.

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