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merle & sheppard provide language training in many European and some Asian languages. Language skills open doors in both business and private life enhancing your ability to do job or task-specific activities.

Your business objectives are the starting point for tailored training and coaching — by developing your people to

  • speak effectively in meetings
  • give presentations & speeches a more meaningful message
  • make negotiations more successful
  • ensure written messages are easily understood by your international partners
learning cycle diagram

Language training can take many forms: face-to-face, online or it can be blended – depending on your requirements.
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Face-to-face training

In face-to-face training your trainer works with you on-site to analyse, identify and develop a joint curriculum and learning objectives (see learning cycle diagram above). This approach enables a real-time, dynamic learning process as well as encouraging peer group learning. Questions, responses and feedback are immediate. This type of training can also be held virtually, as a webinar or via Skype.

Online training

Online training using our Learning Management System provides learners with an online classroom that offers access to their learning materials anytime, anywhere. Learners communicate with their trainers either virtually in video conferences or webinars, or in a blended approach that combines online with face-to-face training.

The CEF levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) describe what a language learner "can do" and are the basis of all our training. 

CEF levels

Customized language courses

Our customized language courses are designed to suit your needs and learning goals. Whether you prefer an on-site training with one of our qualified trainers, or a remote/virtual course in your office or at home: we will adapt location and schedule to your requirements. We design project-team-specific training or business simulation games that enable your team to practice their daily work while communicating in a foreign language.

We are your partner on your language learning path.

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