Expatriate Language Courses

Prepare your expatriate and their family for foreign assignments by considering, well in advance, if their cultural profile will enable them to adapt to their new environment. They will also need to speak the local language. Both are critical factors ensuring the success of the employee’s workplace integration and that of their family into their new social surroundings.
While your employee requires job-related support, the family faces different challenges e.g. schooling, shopping, banking and medical support.

merle & sheppard use an innovative online tool to identify cultural profiles and evaluate how well the expatriate will fit in the new culture. Coaching supports the integration process and prepares the expatriate to better understand and adapt to local behaviours.
Language training further accelerates this process and helps the employee carry out their new tasks more effectively. By developing employees in this manner organizations are better equipped to meet global challenges and encourage diversity in their workforce.

However, partners and children must also be supported to develop their ability to live in the foreign culture and to speak in the local language of their community. Their adaptation needs are different, but nonetheless equally important for the foreign assignment to be a success.


When expatriates and their families are well prepared and supported prior to and during their foreign assignments not only is it easier for them to adapt to their new environment, but job performance is also higher.

Have a look at our various client case studies and see how merle & sheppard can support your expatriates.

Expatriate Language Courses

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