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Knowing your own cultural profile and that of your team or partners is an essential skill for anyone engaged in international business. Our customized intercultural training gives you the knowledge, concepts and interactive tools to develop your awareness of cultural differences.

The combination of e-learning tool and face-to-face coaching helps you to develop your cross cultural competence and to recognize your partners' national and personal profiles.

Increased cross-cultural competence enables you to adapt your behaviour and to better understand your partners' reactions. Stronger trust and a more successful business relationship are the result. Long term, you gain the ability to open up new markets, find new customers and grow sales opportunities globally.

When managers and project leaders understand their teams’ cultural profiles they can put together well balanced groups to create more effective global partnerships.

Personal Cultural Profiles

Using the innovative diagnostic tool and by doing the training you gain a solid understanding of how you appear to others from their cultural perspectives. This knowledge also helps you predict how others will react in negotiations, in meetings and when you work together on projects.

By identifying personal cultural profiles both management and human resource managers have an added dimension to consider when recruiting staff. Increasing globalisation makes the selection of people for assignments in key markets with cultural competence and cultural diversity a significant factor in the employment process. Staff selected for expatriate assignments with an awareness of their own cultural fit are more successful when interacting in their new environment.


personal cultural profile diagram


National Cultural Profiles

We give you access to a unique online resource of more than 100,000 national cultural profile comparisons covering over 100 countries from Argentina to Vietnam. Based on the extensive research done by Richard D. Lewis, these profiles provide in-depth knowledge about culturally-determined behaviours, core beliefs and values.

By combining this valuable resource database with the CultureActive online tool users and teams can identify the national cultural environments they thrive in, or are challenged by.  Teams gain insights into their own and their partners' behaviours, thus enabling them to adapt their approach and strengthen communication. Expatriates with cultural competence are better equipped to operate in their new culture and deliver higher performance.

National cultural profiles


Just imagine your new supply chain partners are from Finland, Hungary, China and Japan – how are you going to deal with their different communication styles and behaviours? Who do you want or need on your team? Who is suitable for expatriation? What do you expect from discussions and how can you reach mutual agreement to achieve results? Our cross-cultural training gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

communication patterns at meetings


As a licensed partner merle & sheppard can share this wealth of cultural resources and tools to support your personal and organizational development. We tailor workshops and training to your organizational needs. Contact us.

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