Social Media Guidelines

merle & sheppard Social Media Guidelines

We act responsibly
We respect other person’s opinions
We respond in a timely and accurate manner
We do not make any assertions without substance
We are committed to respecting all rights of third parties
We do not post pictures, videos or comments without permission
We comply with applicable German laws and regulations

Information and opinions expressed in merle & sheppard social media are not necessarily those held by the company.

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Where to find us

Headquarters Germany:

Augustastr. 58, D-42119 Wuppertal
Ph. +49 (0) 202 / 69 58 79 0     Fax +49 (0) 202 / 69 58 79 19     Find us on Google Maps

Headquarters New Zealand:

16 Lakewood Ave, Churton Park
6037 Wellington, New Zealand     Find us on Google Maps