Localization is a demanding task. It’s not enough to translate a text accurately, but content also needs to take regional, cultural and target audience differences into consideration. Just imagine your marketing campaign addresses a specific target group or even subculture, e.g. clothing for millennials in Tokyo, Sydney and Moscow. The translated message should be different and should appeal to different local preferences.

It is also not sufficient to apply machine translation word by word from a source language into a target language — translation of text has to embrace the cultural expectations of the corresponding target group.

As a result, the translation process is only one component of the localization workflow and may include adapting

  • graphs and charts to local market needs.
  • content to suit different consumer preferences.
  • design and layout, as some languages require more space or are read left to right.
  • currencies, units of measurement.
  • local formats for dates, times and addresses.
  • to local regulations or laws.
  • to cultural preferences.

When your target audience feels comfortable with your content, they are more likely to understand your message. Lots of business is done online, so consider how your website needs to reflect local language and culture to suit local audiences.

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