Interpreting Technology

Interpreting technology is advancing quickly and bringing people of all ethnic groups and nationalities together for better communication and understanding. There are different tools for different types of interpreting situations. Conferences and exhibitions are typical events where technology is needed. Separate booths for interpreter teams speaking different languages ensure that the international audience gets a translation everyone can understand.


When talking with your foreign partner,

but you don’t speak the same language, we can organize a telephone or video conference call with an interpreter off-site. Remote interpreting is especially advantageous when you and your partner are in different locations. Equally, the interpreter can phone in to support your meeting in your office. This is a very cost effective way of getting work done. There are no travel costs, and it is fast and effective as well as being easily integrated into your daily business.


We’re there to select the state-of-the-art technology for your requirements, be it booths with technicians, telecommunication media or headsets and microphones.

merle & sheppard offers access to technology that supports your particular business needs and more quickly bridges your communication barriers.

Contact us to schedule your interpreter and equipment.

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