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Marketing Campaign Translation

merle & sheppard is your partner in creating the right tone of voice for your marketing strategy.
Marketing translation covers a broad variety of different materials, ranging from brand building and website production to social media and global advertising.

You can rely on our extensive expertise to help you promote your brand to your customers in many different languages:

  • Product and branding localization support/advice
  • Website content/landing pages
  • Marketing and advertising material (print, digital, TV, video)
  • Social media content
  • Video script translation and voice talent for narration, actors etc

Sometimes transcreation may be better than translation. A translator will give you an accurate rendering of the source text in the target language. Our transcreation specialists are writers who work with a creative brief, transporting your message directly into your target language.

This process is very useful for creative marketing text, as it converts the “look and feel” of the original to the local audience with more impact.


Marketing Campaign Translation Package

Discuss your next project with us

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