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About merle & sheppard

Better Communication: The basis for success

Language competence and intercultural awareness have become the gateways to international markets – and an essential cornerstone of how we all do business. To help you achieve your goals merle & sheppard provide a wide range of services to fulfil your current and developing communication demands.

What we offer is as varied as your needs: Consulting, Training, Translating and Interpreting services are provided by our experienced language consultants and integrated smoothly into your everyday operations.

merle & sheppard work with companies from all different business sectors and sizes whether it be complex full-service packages for internationally active corporations or individual services for smaller firms. In addition to our language expertise we also have experience gained from working in many different business sectors.

We speak your language and ensure you are understood.

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Multilingual communication is increasingly shaping everyday life in today's business world.
With our know-how, our experience and our network, we support you in selecting the appropriate language solution for your company.

merle & sheppard have more than 20 years of industry experience and a client base across a wide range of industries. We have a network of more than 1,500 language experts worldwide and our translators translate your message from any language into more than 50 languages. Our customers rely on our experience – every year we translate millions of words and do the proofreading. Our communications experts specialize in teaching each group of people a foreign language - from apprentice to management level. Our technology solutions improve your translation quality and ensure that your message is understood in many different markets.

We are the right partner at your side when it comes to multilingual communication services.

Our approach


We founded merle & sheppard in 1991 and started with the approach to support companies with efficient and targeted communication. From this we developed a flexible, but above all successful approach: our services are geared to your goals and needs, tailored to the specific requirements of your industry and industry. Our reputation is based on highly skilled and talented professionals, bespoke programs and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our goal is simple: we bridge language barriers to help you achieve your business goals. "It's crucial to understand what the customer really needs and tailor our services to those needs be it group training for a project team, intensive coaching of an expatriate, conference interpreting, or translating a multilingual website."

"We support you with passion to communicate better and we look forward to experiencing your positive development process." Victoria Sheppard, Managing Partner (a "Kiwi" from Down Under)

"In recent years, it has been a special experience for me to help our clients achieve their goals. Within a very short time, it was possible to improve language skills and create added value for customers, employees and stakeholders. " Lutz Merle, Managing Partner.

Our team


Our dedicated project managers are always available and supported by a network of international language experts.
They look after any project, big or small. The selection of the right resources is crucial for successful project execution
our project managers make the right choice for you.
And we are actively supported by our back office staff.



Lutz Merle

Training, Coaching & Consulting Project Coordinator
+49 (0) 202 695 879 14


Victoria Sheppard

Training, Coaching & Consulting Project Coordinator
+49 (0) 202 695 879 14


Sandra Höptner

Training, Coaching & Consulting Project Coordinator
+49 (0) 202 695 879 14


Petra Lüers

Translation & Interpreting Project Coordinator
+49 (0) 202 695 879 12


Wolfram Dettki

Translation & Interpreting Project Coordinator
+49 (0) 202 695 879 12

Egbert Janik

Egbert Janik

Marketing Specialist
+49 (0) 202 695 879 12



We are currently looking for a translation project coordinator - if you are interested please contact us.

We are always looking for highly qualified

  • Translators, proofreaders, proofreaders and copywriters
  • Language trainers, coaches and consultants
  • Interpreters

Contact us if you are interested in joining our team - we look forward to it!

M&S phone number + 49 (0)202 - 69 58 79 12

M&S Email: mail@language-consulting.com

Industry experience


merle & sheppard has experience in a wide variety of industries and fields. For many years we have been active in consulting, staff training, document translation and interpreting in many different languages. We put a lot of effort into supporting our customers in their development.

  • Automotive:  engineering, prototyping, testing, production, logistics
  • Banking & Finance:  annual reports, balance sheets, audit reports, registration documents
  • Life Sciences:  clinical studies, studies on antiviral and anti-infective therapies, bacteriology
  • Medicine & Pharma:  medical records, clinical trials, medical certificates
  • Tourism & Hotel Industry:  catalogues, websites, brochures, flyers, posters
  • IT & Software:  apps, software, manuals, installation guides
  • Industrial production:  technical documentation, manuals, product descriptions, FMEA, 8D reports, data sheets, quality control
  • Legal:  contracts, general terms and conditions, patents, intellectual property, legal cases
  • Marketing & Advertising:  websites, catalogues, trade shows, media, brochures, videos, subtitles, dubbing, exhibition material
  • Corporate Communication:  internal & external PR, press kits, internal & external communication, crisis management
  • Printed matter:  exhibition catalogues, books, cookery books, academic dissertations, doctoral theses, scientific publications

Our Clients

akf bank
Bestattungen Kipp
ebl esch & kramer
Fern Universitāt Hagen
HBH Logistics
Johnson Controls
LUTZ Blades
Yanfeng Automotive
Wuppertal Zoo

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Headquarters Germany:

Augustastr. 58, D-42119 Wuppertal
Ph. +49 (0) 202 / 69 58 79 0     Fax +49 (0) 202 / 69 58 79 19
mail@language-consulting.com     Find us on Google Maps

Headquarters New Zealand:

16 Lakewood Ave, Churton Park
6037 Wellington, New Zealand
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